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Supplying Artwork

Artwork should preferably be supplied as press ready PDFs with 3mm bleed and simple crop marks.


QuarkXpress, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and PDF files should be print optimised (300 dpi images) with all fonts embedded (choose press quality when writing your PDF on a PC or Mac). Word, Publisher, Excel and PowerPoint files are accepted but will need to be proof read by the customer to check no graphics are missing or reflow of text occurs.


Ideally all fonts need to be embedded within your PDF file. This is to make sure that the fonts you used in the creation of your artwork are replicated when printed. If you do not embed the fonts, the fonts maybe substituted and may not match those used in your artwork.

Images/imported graphics

Images or graphics should be supplied as CMYK and at a resolution of 300dpi (when placed at actual size).


All artwork must have 3mm bleed if the image is required to extend right to the edge of the paper. We also recommend that any text is kept at least 5mm away from the edge of the page and that crop marks are outset by 6 point so they do not touch the cut size of the document.

Do I need bleed?

Bleed is the term for “overlapping the edge” and is required when pictures, lines or backgrounds are printed right to the edge of the paper. For example, if you want your business cards entirely covered by a picture, the size of the picture box would need to bleed past the trimmed edge of the paper in all directions. Failing to bleed the background may result in white lines or gaps showing around the edge when it is cut down to size on the guillotine.


Paper and document sizes
  Artwork Size (With Bleed Area) Finished Size (After Trimming)
Business Cards 91mm x 61mm 85mm x 55mm
Compliment Slips / DL 216mm x 105mm 210mm x 99mm
A7 80mm x 111mm 74mm x 55mm
A6 111mm x 154.5mm 105mm x 148mm
A5 154.5mm x 216mm 148.5mm x 210mm
A4 216mm x 303mm 210mm x 297mm
A3 303mm x 426mm 297mm x 420mm
A2 426mm x 600mm 420mm x 594mm

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